Why A Blog?

17 Aug

First off, let me state that I hate the word Blog. I do not know why but when I say it out loud or even in my head I just cringe. Really? Blog?! I am going to think of a different word to call a blog and never use it again!

I decided to start a blog *cringe* for 2 reasons.

1) My mother, who will be referred to has J, is constantly hounding me about writing a book. “You have so much talent.” “You have such a gift and you are spitting in God’s face by not sharing it with the world!” “Your story could inspire someone!” She gets a bit dramatic about my writing and well, this will appease her. Not a book, no. But it’s so much less nerve-wracking writing in a blog versus sitting down at my computer, all serious and pensive, writing “My Book”. So ok momma… good enough for now? =) I love you.

2) My mom is right. (As she normally is, I’ll admit it) I shouldn’t let a fear of judgement prevent me from sharing my life with friends, family and even strangers. I’ve had an amazing life crammed into 24 years and by sharing it all, I really think I can help someone. I think I can even help myself. Over time perspective can be lost and I need a reminder of how grateful I should be. No challenge I will ever face can be harder than the ones I have already overcome.


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