Lacey’s Cards of Life.

18 Aug

I like referring to myself in the 3rd person. It makes me feel far removed from the task at hand and it makes me feel important.

My sister had a saying when we were growing up, and even used it in our adult years. She meant it maliciously when we were younger and she said it when she was having to do something because I was unable to.  Example: Mom says, “Leah, you need to put away the dishes, mop the kitchen floor and then do a load of laundry before I get home today.” Leah would reply with an attitude,”Why do I have to do all the work? Why don’t you have Lacey do something?” I would pipe up, “I can’t do those things, I’m in pain today.” Leah would roll her eyes and say, “Oh, so you’re pullin’ out your “muscle disorder” card.” Then she would go about her chores annoyed and giving glares to me. At the time what she said was too hurtful to make anything fun out of it. But later in life as Leah and I began to repair our almost irreparable relationship, I pondered a bit on that term. Muscle Disorder Card…. Hmm?

A few years ago I was toying around with the saying “the game of life” and then L’s old saying came into my head. Just how my mind works, it wonders about into odd places and sometimes, not always unfortunately, but sometimes I get great ideas. Fun ones that make people laugh. That truly are ingenious! (Thank you, thank you no need to stand and applaud. Aw you’re too kind, really.)

This one prompted my mom to go off on a neurotic speech. “Lace, you have to pursue this! Don’t let anyone know what you are doing. They will steal this idea because it is too good! Oh the possibilities! You could make a coffee table book, and you would most definitely get on Ellen. I’d come with you of course. I could just see girlfriends using these on each other! Oh Lace, don’t waste your talent. Don’t deprive people of your humour!” It went on for a while but you get the gist of it. I just nodded my head complacently as I usually do when she has ideas about what I should do with my “talent” and threw in a couple “Oh yeah, definitely” ‘s for good measure. (Love you momma)

Because I lack the artistic talent of drawing, I was never able to design these cards. You can imagine them as long and slender. (The length of a skip-bo card and a little more than half the width) They would be very colourful, artsy, with fine lines and a text that feels classy, yet bold.  Whatever is drawn on them correlates with the title of the card. On to the intro so you can understand use.

Every day we play cards. Some people may play more than others, but we are only human, so we ALL play them. Everyone owns every card in the deck. Some people re-play the same cards all the time, others like to change it up and some only play them when necessary. Those people are the honest ones, the good-hearted and pure. Often they are also the “doormats” of life as well, not always, but often.  In fact, Doormat is a card. A passive and sad one in my opinion but still a card in Lacey’s Cards of Life. Hahaha, not one I ever play though. I prefer to be a door. I will always stand tall and strong. I’ll open up for you but if you ever hurt me I don’t mind smacking you in the ass when I shut on you. =) I think I’d be a blue door…

So there you have it. My Cards of Life explained. I’ll put them in the Category “Cards”. First Card on Deck: The “I’m Broke” Card.


One Response to “Lacey’s Cards of Life.”

  1. Leah Lindstrand Garrett August 18, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    More tears…I think Im seeing a pattern for me! But keep it coming, Its fantastic Lacey!!!

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