Remembering 9/11/01 on 9/11/11 and always.

11 Sep

Bare with me people. If I don’t make coherent sense please blame it on the concussion. I probably shouldn’t even be posting but I had to get this out of my head.

A beautiful September day was interrupted by a horrid act of terrorism. I remember our principal at Lake Stevens High School getting on the loud-speaker announcing there had been a terrorist attack in New York, and that none of us were to leave school. We were in lock-down until further notice. We spent our class time watching the news, watching all the terror unfold. I remember everyone looking so somber, no one knew what to say. We just stared silently at the TV until we were released for the end of the day.

The obvious effect of the attacks were all the lives lost due to the planes crashing into the towers, into the pentagon, and flight 93 crashing down into a Pennsylvania field. September 11th, 2001 was the worse act of terror I had personally witnessed.  But the reign of terror unfortunately goes further than that one day. Those acts of terrorism that took 3,000 lives set in motion a war that is still waging, and we’ve lost over 4,400 troop members in Iraq alone (numbers are rising in Afghanistan, 1,752), over 33,000 US soldiers wounded and don’t forget the other countries who have lost their soldiers aiding us in this war. It goes even further than that though. We’ve lost over 2,000 civilians who were in Iraq during this war; students, journalist, vacationers with a strange idea of what a “desirable destination” is. And what about the innocent Iraqi citizens who have been caught in the cross-fire and victims of roadside bombs intended for our soldiers? 1.4 million Iraqi deaths since March 2003. Today I am mourning all of the heroes and all of the innocent lives lost.

I may live in Canada, by my heart pumps US blood, and I’ll never forget or stop appreciating my country, my countrymen, and the innocent lives lost and families that have been torn apart due to this single day of terrorism.
My heart breaks as I watch all the 9/11 remembrance programming this morning. The devastation is so much bigger than that one day. Families are affected every day across the country because of that day and the war it spawned. There are no words that can be written to pay tribute to every life lost in the wake of 9/11. I will try though.

To the victims of 9/11, to the Firemen and Policemen who did their heroic jobs and lived or died:

You will not be forgotten, you will always be remembered as heroes. Every one of you. Whether you lost your life on 9/11, narrowly escaped or helped others to safety…we will not forget you. Some of you lost your lives that day and we will not allow you to die in vain. We have sought out those responsible and this kind of terror will not happen to another country if we have anything to say about it! To the Firemen and Policemen who worked that fateful day, we owe you big. You may say you were just doing your job, but you saved lives that day. You risked your life so a father, a mother or someone’s child could come home to them. You are a true hero in every sense of the world. Every American is thankful to you.

To the US Military and Coalition Forces who have fallen in combat, been wounded or still continue to fight:

You are all heroes. I appreciate every single one of you. The men and women, US Soldiers and Coalition Forces alike, risk their lives around the world for our freedom and our safety. I am eternally grateful for your sacrifices. They will never go unappreciated or unnoticed. I have been blessed to have many military men and women in my life and I would like to take this time to thank them personally. To Luke, Ben, Deryck, Josh M, Taren, Brent, Robert, Carlos, Erica, James, Chad, Tim, Anthony, John, Nick, Dom, Josh D, Kirky… Oh boy I hope I named them all… (Please blame the concussion if not. I’d feel horrible.) To all of you, my friends, my family, you are my own personal heroes. I am blessed to have you all in my life in whatever way we are connected. I am so proud of each of you, and admire your strength, determination and passion for our country and the citizens you protect. Thank you so very much.

To the families who have been affected by the loss of their loved one(s) due to 9/11 or the Iraqi war:

I view you all as heroes too. To mourn the ones you love and then forge on in your life without them, is something I do not envy. It takes a great amount of courage. I am so sorry for your loss but impressed by your strength. Thank you for your sacrifices and your continued perseverance. You all deserve a medal, what you have been forced to do is no less than heroic as well. Please know I stand beside you every day in spirit, not just on 9/11 in remembrance. I offer you support and friendship. And I am not just writing this to come across as a caring person. I don’t care if we’re strangers. I would support you, hold your hand and pray for you.  I am just an email away.

To the families of the Soldiers serving our great country:

I can relate to you better than anyone. I was once the wife of an US Air Force member. I have felt the pain of deployments, I have felt the worry and loneliness, I have felt the joy of him coming home. I may not be an Air Force wife any longer but I will always remember how that felt. It’s a feeling of pride and a feeling of fear, all at the same time. I still feel those feelings as I have a large amount of friends and family in the armed forces, and constantly feel that pride and fear for them all. The father of my baby boy is to be deploying this month in fact, and those same feelings still remain. I won’t be at ease until he is back home safe.
I admire your strength and thank you for your daily sacrifices. Please know that I love every one of you and that I stand beside you, supporting you and your family. You have a friend in me, I am just an email away.

To the civilian lives lost due to the Iraqi war and their families:

I am so sorry. Such meaningless deaths, deaths that could have been avoided if people had a better grip on humanity. I feel for the families who have been affected in Iraq by this war brought on by a terrorist group in their own country. Its unfair, it’s so heart breaking. So many innocent lives lost in the wake of 9/11 and it seems there is no end in sight as the war migrates to Afghanistan. So many families torn apart by the loss of children, husbands, wives…this world is so cruel. I am really struggling thinking of the 1.4 million innocent lives lost in Iraq due to this war. This war that would have been completely avoided if people lived with love in their hearts and not hate. I stand beside every Iraqi who has experienced loss in the aftermath of 9/11, I mourn with you. I am deeply pained.

I love every one of you spoken to above. Whether you walk this earth or have moved on in spirit. I thank every one of you for how you have played these cards dealt to you. You have shown strength in the face of adversity and that is something to admire.

Thank You.

And lastly, to the terrorists who thought the acts of 9/11 would divide our country and cause its people to live in fear:

You failed. We are strong. We stand together united. Did you really think you could break us? Sure, you caused death, sadness, and fear on that day, but where did that get you? You now face a war that will affect your country for years to come, innocent lives lost on your soil, not to mention the mark that has been placed on all of your evil souls. I know the religion of Islam, and I despise you all for the tainted view people now have of Muslims. I pray you find humanity and repentance, and begin to live a life your God would actually be proud of. One of love, acceptance, giving and teaching. And if you do not, I believe you will pay for your transgressions against the world by the hand of your God. And if so, so be it.

I really wanted to post this, concussion symptoms or not. I feel so strongly about everything concerning my great country, The United States of America. I legitimately feel for all my fellow American’s who deal with the effects of terrorism, and I send my prayers and good energy your way. I stand beside you all, pledging allegiance to this beautiful flag, that stands tall representing this amazing Nation, that was founded under God and is indivisible, delivering liberty and justice for all!


One Response to “Remembering 9/11/01 on 9/11/11 and always.”

  1. jill September 11, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for finding the words that so many of us struggle to express. I love the USA

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