A promise to T (warning: sex is mentioned a lot)

20 Apr

Ever make a promise? I am sure you have., everyone does at some point. They are all made with varying degrees of importance but a promise is a promise in my book, and it can not be broken. That being said… I made a promise this morning to T and the more I think about it and try to figure it out, the more puzzled, frustrated and excited I become.

I promised T “Graduation Sex”. What is that you might ask? I have no idea. If you do know, please email me. I don’t have the slightest clue as to what Graduation Sex consists of. It was promised in a moment of sheer joy for T to be done with college. But as soon as I made this promise, I started imagining myself in a cap and gown, with sexy lingerie underneath, walking rhythmically toward T like a serious graduate with a naughty secret… While the song “76 trombones” played in the background. I don’t know where the song came from, it just seemed worthy of the momentous occasion.

The song, now that’s something I can get! I downloaded a couple of graduate tunes… Oh boy, it’s a wreck isn’t it? T seemed pretty excited about this whole Graduation Sex but to be honest, it’s probably more geared towards sex in general. Maybe he’ll forget about the Graduation part, or perhaps he’ll take that name loosely and convert it to celebratory? Hmmm…

I feel if I lose the theme, I break the promise. So I must go forth! What if I make a cap out of B’s craft supplies, and drape a sheet over myself as the gown? Or maybe I could scrap the cap and gown, head down to the dollar store and buy a “Congrats Graduate” hat (ya know, the paper cone ones) and a blow-into a noisemaker, keeping the lingerie of course.

See I’m all sort of confused on how to approach this. I mean, it’s his graduation and that BIG for us. I have to follow through with this and that makes me excited. Because when I jump into something a bit confusing and have to wing it, that’s when I shine. This could turn out to be “History Making Graduation Sex”! And that’s pretty exciting, yet so much pressure.

I must not psych myself out. Wish me luck readers….

Question Period:
WHAT IS GRADUATION SEX??? Also, have you ever made a promise “in the moment” without knowing exactly what it would consist of? Did you follow through, put a spin on it, or break it?


UPDATE! I left my computer open after posting this. T returned home from taking his final exam and sat on the couch. Obviously noticing the post, he began to read it. I’m in the bathroom, readying myself for the spectacular day I had planned when I hear…. “Cap and Gown, baby.” And apparently, the theme is very important and can not be substituted for “Celebratory Sex”.


Off to Beau’s craft zone to create a cap….

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