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16 Apr

Since September it’s been constant stages of recovery for me. My health was in a bad place and as my readers know, I was thrown a new hand from a player. Lucky for me there were a lot of things going in my favour.

I have players who never cease to amaze me. They are full of insight, strength and encouragement. I’m also wicked smart and intuitive, which helps me all the time in life situations. I also have never been so happy to be an American.

The new cards shook my whole life. I hate to be so vague about it all but it’s not the time and especially not the place. The big WWW just isn’t appropriate as a sharing platform. At least not this early in the game. All I can say is it got hairy and was touch and go for a while. And not in the good “touch and go” way…  There wasn’t a lot of self-help books for me, which I found very disappointing. And everything I did read kinda seemed like a “Duh.” in my mind. The advice they were giving in the books were so OBVIOUS, I could have written the book before this experience. That all being said, I guess God gave me something I could handle even though it felt like a ginormous kick to the metaphorical balls. I had this inner peace from the beginning even though my whole being felt pain. I knew what way to go, what to say, how to act…. I just knew it all. And for that I am grateful. These cards will most likely, in some way, be in my life forever. But I am confident that their impact, although initially devastating, will eventually turn into the single greatest growing experience my life will ever endure. Or I should hope…

I’ve always been proud to be an American. I might have some issues with our political system and its MAJOR malfunctions… I’ll stop there. This blog WILL NOT turn political. Obama 2012!!! …. (I tried not to write that, really I did. I wrote that during the editing of this post. What is my problem!?!?! See, always room for growth.)

As people know I have health issues. I struggle with my health all the time. Weird stuff usually, that has no rhyme or reason. Something is always going on with my body that’s not even related to my past MD problems. That all being said, the most recent odd thing was bursitis in my right shoulder as well as a concussion, given to me by my ever-dancing son. The pain from my shoulder became unmanageable and the concussion left me with social anxieties and constant headaches. My son and I flew to Seattle in February, back to home to my parentals, to get the care I couldn’t receive in Canada.  GOD BLESS THE USA and their flawed but wonderful healthcare system!!! After 2 1/2 months I am pain-free in my shoulder and it’s running at about 80% function. And although there was no hands-on help to be had with my concussion related issues (the anxiety could last forever they say), I did get a nifty medication that nipped the headaches in the bud as well as a medicine that aids my natural ability to sleep. Things are looking up for me in the health department. Every issue is under good management now, and with the new incorporation of clean eating/vegan lifestyle I am sure my arthritis flare ups will decrease and my energy level with increase. Cheers to good health!!!

So you’re up to speed on my Present Gameplay. I’m back in Canada, I’m working daily on myself physically, mentally and spiritually. Ever searching for that perfect balance to bring true happiness and completeness. Life, despite its many challenges has only strengthened me.

As you know (if you don’t, now you will) “Pain is just weakness leaving your body”. Some day, I’m going be epic strong. Like the Hulk, only zen-like without the green exterior, or male, or huge. Just small, and strong, and peaceful. OK, so maybe nothing like the Hulk. Dang it. I’ll be epic though, in my own Lacey way.

Have you ever had an experience that was horrible, challenging, scary or heartbreaking, but you came out of it like a superhero? And felt all epic-like afterward? Tell me about it, and be as detailed or as vague as you wish!

My First Hand

17 Aug

Starting off is always the hardest and not just in blogging obviously. The first day of school, first day at a new job, the first day of the rest of your life… You know what I mean? Well my first hand in the card game of life was dealt to me at the age of 8. Lets rewind and then I’ll show you my hand.

Honestly I can’t tell you when it all started. As far back as I can remember I always felt weak. I always felt like I couldn’t keep up with my friends, that I never seemed to have that sparkle of energy they all ran around with. The earliest memory I have of an exact instance where my little self knew I was different was when I was 4. I was just learning to ride a big kid bike along with my little bro (he’s 1 year younger but we were and are inseparable). We hadn’t been out there for more than 15 minutes when I started to feel so exhausted. My body grew weak, my arms and legs fatigued, and then… black out. I can only imagine the site of my little body slumped over my handlebars, barely sitting on the seat. Thank God for training wheels! I don’t remember how my parents handled this, all I remember is that feeling before the blackout. So helpless and weak.

Fast-forward 4 years. My weakness was starting to become an issue. As I was getting older it was becoming more apparent to my parents that something was wrong inside my body. I was frequently visiting Dr. B for difficulty walking, for my fatigue and overall tiredness. He was puzzled. He prescribed physical and occupational therapy to see if that could help me learn to live differently; To move my body in a way to preserve my energy. Shortly thereafter I got worse. My muscles knotted up so tightly even my massage therapist couldn’t work them out, my urine turned dark and I was losing muscle protein rapidly, and then shortly after the protein loss the worse happened. I woke up unable to move my legs. My memory of this morning is strange. I don’t remember feeling fear, anger, or confusion over being paralyzed from the waist down but that I was upset I was missing a “very important test”.  Hahaha, oh I loved school! This whole leg issue was going to make me miss a test I had been studying very hard for! I was 8…I should have been freaking out, crying, scared. What WAS wrong with me? My 24-year-old self looks back at my 8-year-old self and feels a strange sense of pride. Nothing was wrong with me. Physically yes, obviously. But my heart and my mind they were outstanding. I consider this day, this experience as my first hand. I can’t tell you just yet how this hand plays out, because many cards are dealt and discarded over the years. But for an 8-year-old, I’d have to say I man handled this hand! I stared it straight in the face and I didn’t let it scare me. I was all in. Is there any other way to play in life? I guess so but that’s not very exciting is it?