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Starbucks Review: Refreshers (UPDATED)

11 Jul

I love Starbucks, no shocker there. Today I went to Starbucks with some friends and decided to try out one of their new Refresher drinks because, well, I needed a refresher. (Friday, from noon to 3, they will be giving out tall Refreshers in Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus)

I got the Very Berry Hibiscus and I liked it. It was in fact refreshing, as the name implied. So I have no complaints. The taste was light, very similar to an iced herbal tea except it has crushed black berries in it. I also like their new process of extracting awesomeness from green coffee beans. It’s really cool. You can read about that process or watch a short informative video here!

Some people have criticized the Starbucks line of Refreshers because apparently their marketing implies or misleads people to think it’s healthy, when in fact it offers barely any nutrients in the 40-60 calories found in a size tall.

Well, duh. Anyone who drinks Starbucks know that there are no nutrients to be found in their drinks. And most worth drinking contain 1/4 f your day allotted calories…and they are all empty crap calories. You don’t go to Starbucks for health, you go there for enjoyment. The dissatisfied reviews about the refresher reminded me of all the “McDonald’s food is unhealthy” articles. Duh people. Moving on….

I would give the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher a B+ overall. The price could be lower, and a tad bit more flavour. It is a very light flavour and I just feel like it could pack a bit more punch, which would make it a bit more refreshing. All in all though, it’s a solid product and gives a nice boost of false energy through the green coffee bean extract.

Well done Starbucks. I love you.

Also as a bonus, I treated myself to a Starbucks mug I have been eying for a while and I didn’t even feel bad about it! I usually feel guilt over indulging myself, but this time, well, I enjoyed the splurge and felt no regret! Yay me =)

I hope everyone is enjoying this nice summer day. Happy Wednesday Balls!


***Many thanks go out to a very special friend who helped me get through missing my B today. Hard work, good company, lunch and Starbucks… you spoil me LA. Love you.***

UPDATE!!! The cup pictured above has received a C+ after 2 uses. The cup is outstanding when it comes to look, feel and keeping my coffee hotter than balls for an extended period of time. Well done! Downfall: When filled, it weighs around 3 pounds and becomes awkward to drink from. It also is a 2 handed cup as my wrist cramps and twitches when lifting with 1 hand. Also, the weight increases when you put the lid on. Add another pound. Sooo… if you have arthritis or weak wrists, do not buy this mug. Yes, it is beautiful but it’s not functional. =(    SAD BALLS.

Coffee Snob

23 May

We went grocery shopping last night. Amongst other staples, I needed coffee ASAP as I was completely out. The brand I usually get is the closest tasting to Starbucks that’s in my price range.  It’s not great, but good enough.


We made our way to the coffee isle. There was a sale on the Maxwell House brand. It was a whole $10 cheaper than what I usually buy. I hemmed and hawed, grabbed the darkest possible roast of Maxwell House, looked at it intently, put it back. Grabbed my usual, thought about it… Really, $10? How can I not buy Maxwell House? It just seemed so illogical at the time to buy my usual brand when something was so cheap. And it’s not like it was Instant Folgers or Tim Hortons…bleck!

T is looking at me like, “just pick one, it’s coffee”. He doesn’t understand. Every time I drink coffee other than Starbucks, a taste bud dies. Every morning my mouth holds a wake. He’ll never truly comprehend what I have given up in order to marry him….never.

I resolved to get Maxwell House with the idea that if I’m going to settle for sub-par coffee, I might as well save 10 dollars doing so. I hung my head as I walked back to the cart, I felt so defeated inside.


This morning arrives. I open the coffee. I am instantly assaulted with a miasma of disappointment. It smells like dirt and misfortune. Second, for a “Rich Dark Roast” it’s the color of terra-cotta. I was half-tempted to make tea and dump out the whole can, but I didn’t. This was about trying something new, and perhaps growing a little. I tried to be optimistic, really, I did try. I hesitantly loaded the grounds into the filter. I felt like I was abusing my poor Bunn. I made enough for 1 cup, and poured it into my favorite cup. I thought the cup may help up the enjoyment factor.

No, no, absolute NO! The first sip killed at least 3 taste buds, the second took out at least 5. Can’t do it, won’t do it, wouldn’t force this on my arch nemesis. OK, maybe I would… but not on anyone else.

I thought maybe if I doubled the amount of grounds it would produce something more palatable. I ran another cup through. No, worse. Oh balls.  How could it be worse?! All it did was enhance the taste of fresh death as it killed 6 more taste buds. I could not subject my mouth to this again. There was no hope for this coffee. No amount of cream or sugar would improve its bouquet or flavor.

I’m certain that if a unicorn appeared, serving me this cup of coffee from a tray it carried on its back, I would still be unable to drink it. (Honestly though, a unicorn would totally serve up something better than Maxwell House. Like magic guava juice or Starbucks with champagne bubbles.)

Down the drain it went along with my opportunity to grow.


I tried to settle and be content with my $10 of savings, but I couldn’t. I tried my very hardest to be optimistic but failure screamed down my throat as I swallowed. It burned my stomach lining with the acidity of mediocrity.

At least I can say I tried, and hey, it only cost me 4 bucks….


Question Period: Is there anything in your life you have to have?  We all have our “things”. Please Share!